The focus of mens health naturally changes throughout a man’s life. The health concerns of a 30 year old are not likely to be the same as 60 year old. Some things remain a constant though, like maintaining a balanced diet, pursuing an active lifestyle, not smoking and exercising moderation in the consumption of alcohol. But these common sense guidelines are shared values equally valid for both sexes. So here on our mens health pages we set these aside and concentrate on those issues that particularly concern men of any age.

Foremost amongst these is erectile dysfunction, or impotence. Although more prevalent amongst older men, ED can affect men of any age, and it is even more disturbing for younger men. Surprisingly, the majority of me suffering from impotence do not seek medical attention for their disorder. Whether this is through embarrassment or for other reasons is not known. This is all the more surprising in view of the effective medical treatments available for ED.

Cialis, Viagra and Levitra have proven to be safe effective treatments for ED that succeed in helping 90% of men. Express MD gives you the chance to deal with the problem in a confidential manner with no embarrassing face-to-face consultation. Our online consultation process is designed to protect you, your health and your privacy. After you respond to a few questions in our online questionnaire, a licensed doctor will review your responses. this is required to protect you health. these medications are generally very safe. However, there are some medications that they cannot be mixed with and a few conditions that require their use with caution. The doctor will assess your answers to be sure you can safely use these medications and then our licensed pharmacy partner will send you the medication overnight in a plain package.

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Premature ejaculation is another male problem that is very hard to deal with in front of a doctor. Yet here too medical solutions have yielded positive results.  Visit our PE page for more information and resources.

Looking good is important to us all, and the first person we need to look good for is ourselves. Male pattern baldness and other male hair loss problems are especially  traumatic for younger men.  Did you know that there are scientifically proven medical solutions to stop balding on the crown. You can read more about male pattern baldness and other types of premature hair loss and find out if a medication like Propecia might be suitable for you.  You can also find the links you need to start a professional consultation and get the right medication.   Just click this link here.