Many health issues of unique concern to women require a face-to-face medical consultations. Inevitably, these fall outside the scope of an online clinic. On the other hand, certain conditions such as emergency oral contraception, menstrual delay, and hair removal are well suited to the convenience, privacy and fast service provided by Express MD.

Emergency Contraception

Oral contraceptive pills are the most popular form of regular contraception, and they are highly reliable if taken correctly. Regular oral contraception is available to women in the UK through the NHS, and your GP should conduct a full risk assessment in a face-to-face consultation. But in the past 10 years, emergency contraceptive pills have been introduced for use after a sexual encounter that may have risked pregnancy. Popularly known as the ‘morning-after-pill’ there are two different medications available in the UK. Levonelle is available without a prescription and is effective for up to 72 hours, although it is most effective if taken as soon as possible after sex. EllaOne is only available by prescription and is effective up to 120 hours. Both these medications are available via private consultation with an Express MD doctor.

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Menstrual delay
Many women suffer physical and mental discomfort during their period is a way that can seriously interfere with their day-to-day activities, especially where these activities coincide with busy or stressful events such as business meetings or holidays. Norethisterone is a synthetic hormone designed to mimic the effects of the bodies natural processes. Norethisterone has proven to be an effective aid to help women manage irregular, heavy, or especially uncomfortable periods.

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Hair removal
Excess hair can be an embarrassing condition for many women. On our Hair Removal page we look at the pros and cons of different approaches to treating this problem. These include the obvious DIY approach of shaving to the various medical treatments including lasers and electrolysis, and depilatory creams and gels. Facial hair is of particular concern to women, and Vaniqa is a cream clinically proven to reduce the growth of facial hair. This medication can take up to 2 months to take effect as it works by preventing hair growth by blocking what the follicles need to grow the hair.

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